Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport turned into vaccination center

Taking advantage of the low passenger flow generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Suvarnabhumi International Airport of Bangkok, in Thailand, became a vaccination center against the disease where around one thousand doses are applied every day. The Thai authorities aim to vaccinate around 30 thousand people whose work is being

Covid-19 again lowers Thai economic growth forecast to 2.3%

With the devastating double whammy of a global pandemic and the military coup descending into civil war, the UN fears that nearly half the people of Myanmar could be living in poverty by next year. The United Nations Development Program predicted that up to 25 million Burmese people

Underwater object found near Phuket ‘not a bomb’

PHUKET: A round object found underwater by local fishermen off the southern end of the island province has been examined and found not to be an explosive, according to Third Naval Area commander Vice Admiral Choengchai Chomchoengphaet.An object is found on the seabed off Phuket by fishmermen on Saturday.

Cooking food at home more? Most Thais are during Covid-19

Thai food is raved about as one the best cuisines in the world… and the spiciest. The small red and green Thai chillies are typically what gives the dishes that extra kick, while dried chilli flakes and chilli paste, known as nam prik pao, are often served on

Unidentified metal sphere underwater near Phuket is not a bomb

Calls for a “spring revolution” erupted from thousands of protestors marching across Myanmar today to protest the Burmese military junta. The country has been in turmoil since the Feb 1 coup that overthrew Aung San Suu Kyi’s government and installed military rule. Protests have raged for 4 months

Thailand expecting 3.5m Sinovac vaccines by May’s end

The new Mor Prom (doctors ready) app, where people registered under the Thai public health system can register for the next round of Covid vaccinations, has seized up after only one day being live. Before the crash some 300,000 people had registered for the vaccine. There is also