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5 DECADES OF NANA. Remember the gogo bars, nightclubs, pubs, girls, sex tourists, fun, characters..

A trip through 5 decades of Nana. From it’s beginnings and the man who named it, to the beginnings of R&R, the first bars in Nana Plaza, the bar areas that sprung up all over the area, from Soi Zero to Soi 11, the famous gogo bars, the bar areas that came and went, I visit every place past and present to see what’s there now. Interviews with club owners who were there, the fun times, urban legends, stories of Sukhumvit Square, Thermae. It’s absolutely everything you ever needed to know about Nana, past to present.
00:00 Start & August 2021 update intro
00:51 History & Lek Nana ‘Godfather of Sukhumvit’
01:42 Soi 4 & Nana Plaza history & first bars
04:24 Mystery Location
04:38 The Thermae Past & Present from the early days, the girls
06:16 Clinton Entertainment Plaza
06:46 Soi 1, Golden Palace Hotel, slums & canal
09:50 Soi 2
10:52 Soi 3
12:03 Sukhumvit Road footage from the 80s & 90s
12:54 Cheap Charlie’s Bar
13:32 Soi 11
14:49 Q Bar, Interview with former owner Andrew Clark
18:09 Soi 7
19:14 The Tunnel to Soi 5
19:45 Soi Zero / Buckskin Joe’s Village
21:57 Interview with Bob Van Es, owner of Det 5 Soi Zero
25:38 Sukhumvit 1 Plaza
26:05 Soi 10 & Soi 8
27:26 Sukhumvit Square and its destruction one night in 2003: News footage
29:46 Copacabana Club
30:23 Soi Arab / Soi 3/1
31:30 Soi 5
33:04 Soi 9
33:43 The visiting GIs on R&R from the Vietnam War, the hotel discos

Filmed, edited and produced by Pat
Except where credited.
Events of Sukhumvit Square / Chuvit Park:
1987 Footage by Youtube Channel old45s
Thanks to Kris and all at Nana Plaza, to Andrew Clark & Bob Van Es for their time.

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