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Australian tourist dies at famous cave in Krabi

Australian tourist died at Krabi Tiger Cave, photo by The Phuket Express.

An Australian tourist tragically died at a famous cave in Krabi yesterday. The 70 year old man died after his gruelling journey to the Tiger Cave, which involves a 1,260-step stair-climb. Rescuers and a doctor took over an hour to walk up the steps after they were alerted that a tourist was unconscious at the cave.

The doctor who arrived on the scene believed the man might have entered a state of shock after the challenging hike, causing his heart to stop.

Despite attempts to resuscitate him with CPR, the man was pronounced dead at the scene, The Phuket Express reported. His body was taken down from the hill, which also took more than an hour.

According to the Mueang Krabi Police, the tourist was travelling alone. His motorbike was found parked at the temple. A passport was discovered inside his bag on the motorbike. An autopsy will be conducted to determine the exact cause of death.

Krabi’s tiger cave can be a dangerous place.

On January 10, a young German tourist was injured after falling from the top of the stairs at the cave. The man had climbed 1,260 stairs to reach the viewpoint at the summit of the mountain before suffering from dizziness and fainting on his way back down, causing him to fall around 30 steps.

Rescuers found the man lying on the staircase, unable to move, bleeding from the head, and suffering from neck pain. Luckily, a group of female tourists on the staircase, who were nurses, were able to help the injured tourist while waiting for rescue workers by stopping the flow of blood from his head.

Earlier this month, another German tourist was injured in a cave in Krabi. The 61 year old tourist fell while walking inside the cave at Ka Narb Nam Mountain in the main city district. She was left unable to walk. The rescuers then put the woman on a stretcher and moved her down from the cave and onto a long-tail boat to take her to a hospital.

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