Monday Covid Update: 10,288 new cases; provincial totals

101 new coronavirus-related deaths were reported today by the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration, raising the pandemic’s death toll in Thailand to 16,369. The country’s latest wave, which was first recorded on April 1, has accounted for 16,275 of those fatalities. In the 24-hour period since the last

Local resturants you can’t miss when travelling to Ayutthaya

Thailand’s former capital, Ayutthaya, is home to several magnificent temples as well as a diverse cultural and culinary heritage. As many travellers are unsure what to eat in Ayutthaya. This article will assist you in locating Ayutthaya’s regional specialities, ensuring that you not only have a memorable cultural

Curfew shortened, Bangkok spas, gyms, cinemas can re-open from October

The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration has approved the re-opening of 10 business types in Bangkok and other dark red provinces. According to a Coconuts report, from Friday, spas, cinemas, and indoor gyms can re-open, along with pre-schools, museums, and tattoo parlours. The news is not so good

Phuket’s best places to surf

Phuket is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream as it features many places to explore and swim. And, for surfers, it offers some great waves to catch with its epic beaches. Here, we have the best places to surf in Phuket for your consideration below. The Best Places To Surf

Flooded hospital in Chaiyaphum had to evacuates 40 patients

Around Thailand, heavy rains and flooding have ravaged the country. Earlier this morning, 40 patients were emergency evacuated from Bamnet Narong Hospital in Chaiyaphum by rescue workers as the facility flooded. The hospital suffered severe damage as floodwaters caused the urgent evacuation as one of the buildings on

300,000 more AstraZeneca vaccines donated from Japan arrived

In a well-timed shipment, 300,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccines have arrived in Bangkok today, a donation from Japan. Today is the anniversary of a milestone for Thailand and Japan, as September 26 is the anniversary of the original establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Today marks

Extremely rare earthstar mushrooms found in Phetchabun

In Phetchabun, a local villager was clearing a forest area when he discovered what is believed to be earthstar mushrooms, one of the rarest species of fungi in the world. The extremely scarce mushroom is rumoured to cause a sensation of intoxication similar to being drunk if someone

Flood warnings below of Chao Phraya Dam, across Thailand

Authorities are warning of possible overflows and floods downstream from the Chao Phraya Dam in advance of a monsoon trough and the tropical depression Dianmu. The rate of flow that is allowed to pass through the dam will increase in anticipation of a surge in water from the

Pattaya readjusts tourism goals for high season

Pattaya officials are trying to set more modest goals for the upcoming tourism season as an unnamed official says it is unlikely Pattaya will get a million tourists a month during the high season. Well, yeah! Tourism Business Association figure Bunawan Patanasin says if 200,000 visitors travel to