Gay Couple Denied Wedding Venue Because They’re Gay

Mike Gill and Coty Heaton were engaged on July 10th and have spent months planning their wedding. As anyone who has ever planned a wedding can attest: finding the venue is tough. So when they thought they found the right one, they were thrilled. They’d settled on Barn in

20 Ominously Positive Memes to Start Your Work Week

We love this collection of memes from a Facebook group called Ominous Positivity Memes; they have over 600K followers and nearly 2,000 memes for you to scroll through and chuckle. Who needs toxic positivity when you have ominous positivity?! Get ready for some dark encouragement this Monday morning. 1. Devouring

25 Of The Funniest Non-Political Tweets This Week

We all need a break from the noise. By “noise” I mean constant screaming about politics. Luckily, there are people on Twitter who are funny (or sad, depending on how you look at it) without getting political. Today, we celebrate their hard work. Frankly, tweeting about anything is a risk. You

10 Totally Valuable Life Tips Crowdsourced From The Masses

Thanks to @chrishlad over on Twitter, we have a damn good list for you here today. He started with “most advice sucks” (so true) and went through the ENTIRE advice section on Reddit to pick the ten most practical, useful ideas he could find. So what do you think?

20 Hilarious Posts That Are Funny Because They’re Super Specific

These posts leave me with …questions. Like: why? and: how on earth did you think of that? But hey, that’s half the fun over at r/suspiciouslyspecific, where people post things at are just SO specific, they’re hilarious. Take a look at this round up of some of the best! 1.

Man Live-Tweets A Raccoon Removal With A Twist Ending

I love me a good burst of nature, but I do admit that I prefer wildlife less in my HOME and more, you know, outdoors. It’s absolutely fine when I’m outside or camping or something, but I sure would rather not have creatures making a home in my house. Alan

Literally Just 19 Funny Tweets About Spirit Halloween

Helloooooo, Spooky Season! I’ve waited all damn summer for the world to start cooling down and the leaves to start changing and it’s HERE. I’m excited. And so are these 19 perfectly hysterical tweets about Spirit Halloween, which pops up in empty storefronts around the nation around this time. Get