Thailand Pass | How to Apply

Entering Thailand is not as easy as before COVID-19 existed. Now, there are multiple travel restrictions present, and travelers had to gather numerous required documents. Included in the required documents is the Certificate of Entry (COE), a certificate required to be obtained by anyone who will enter Thailand

Test and Go: Thailand Quarantine-Free Hotels

Starting November 1, Thailand has allowed fully vaccinated travelers who are traveling by air from low-risk and only eligible countries for quarantine-free travel. They have named this program Test and Go. Test and Go program are for those travelers who will not undergo quarantine, you will only need to be

Thailand Travel Restrictions

Updated on November 01, 2021 After months of strict travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Thailand is gearing up for a return to normalcy by easing some travel restrictions and quarantine requirements and allowing normal tourists to enter the country. The government has introduced Sandbox programs allowing vaccinated travelers

Common Problems in Thailand Pass Application

This Weekly Update was originally posted on November 5, 2021. For the most recent update, click here. To sign-up for our Weekly Updates, please click here. It was only on the 1st of November when Thailand opened its online registration for Thailand Pass System replacing the Certificate

Travel to Thailand from Australia

With the situation that the whole world is experiencing, it is no surprise that countries from all over the world had set boundaries from each other to protect their own and be safe from the rest.  Even if that means banning travels to avoid locals from contracting the virus.

Travel to Thailand from Canada

With the situation that COVID-19 is causing to the world, it is just right to exercise a high degree of caution wherever a person might be. This includes practicing precautionary measures, like wearing masks and social distancing. Are you a Canadian traveler who wishes to travel to Thailand? For

Travel to Thailand from Germany

With new variants of COVID-19 emerging, it is the responsibility of the authorities of the country to keep their selves and their people updated by imposing risk levels on countries from all over the world to prevent the new variants to spread. Are you a German traveler who is

Travel to Thailand from Switzerland

For the past years/months, people have been continuing their social networks virtually, continuing to connect by being online. Now that countries are starting to slowly open up and ease their restrictions, it would be a great opportunity to connect, not online but in reality, again. Thailand has just

Travel to Thailand from the Netherlands

Thailand has just opened its international borders to more countries and loosened its travel restrictions to countries classified as “low-risk”. Netherland is among the list of “low-risk” countries categorized by the Thai authorities. If you are a Dutch citizen planning to visit Thailand to destress or maybe do

Travel to Thailand from France

In traveling to Thailand, a French citizen does not need a Thailand tourist visa. France is among the 64 countries listed in the Visa Exemption under the Visa Exemption Rule and Bilateral Agreement between the two countries. They are allowed to enter the border of Thailand and stay