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Day and Night on Koh Samui, Thailand

Day and Night on Koh Samui, Thailand – Vlog 301

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A video of a day on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand. I stayed in Chaweng which is the main tourist area of Samui, and on this day I went for a sunset beer at the Ark Bar, then had some food and visited 3 bars before catching the last flight back to Bangkok…

Parts of this video include:
0:04 Sunset time at Ark Bar Beach Resort
2:47 Paris Follies cabaret bar low down
3:37 Scooters parked tighter than a duck’s butt
4:06 A beer at Tuk Tuk Backpackers bar
5:54 Sampling an award winning Massaman curry at Thai Express
7:59 A beer at Legends bar (NB: this bar closed in October 2018 due to the landlord increasing the rent)
10:12 Why do men die younger? 🙂
11:21 A beer at the Palms bar, Soi Green Mango
12:49 Mototaxi ride to the airport
20:35 Map of the ride
20:48 Checking in last with 8 mins to spare
22:46 Security checkpoint and getting some refreshments
24:08 Being taken to the plane
25:23 Boarding the plane last
25:57 Take off
28:21 Chinese noodles food, it was eventful for the wrong reasons. Literally nobody ate the food…
29:57 BKK airport approach
31:16 Landing and to the baggage collection
34:21 Bags getting a rough time being bashed about
34:44 An overly elaborate walkway at BKK airport
35:42 Getting a public taxi, I don’t like the setup at Suvarnabhumi where the drivers wait for passengers
36:53 Eventful taxi journey for the wrong reasons. The guy straight up tried to scam me by hiding the meter saying it was a ‘special’ taxi. When I told him to stop the car and let me out he reluctantly turned the meter on and took me to my destination. I put in a complaint later about the guy to the airport taxi officials about the guy. Not what you want really…
38:19 Outro

Additional comments:

About the taxi scammer at Suvarnabhumi airport. They are by law required to use the meter, if they don’t for any reason then tell them to stop and let you out ‘before’ you leave the airport. There is a numbered ticket system with a complaint number to call on it if you have any problems and I called the number later on to complain about the guy.

I wasn’t confrontational with the driver, I just simply said ‘stop now and let me out if you don’t use the meter.’ It’s best to keep a cool head in Thailand as the Thai people in general don’t like heated situations and often can be unpredictable if shouted at or spoken down to…

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