Thailand is known for being one of the cheapest countries to visit in Asia but there’s more to it. Whether you want to tan by the beach, trek the mountains or visit its countless temples, this is all possible in this vibrant and bustling country, Thailand or also known as the Land of Smiles”.

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia and has a lot of activities to offer during your stay, whether that might be relaxing, partying, learning and experiencing a new culture. They all have it here!

If you want to relax by the beach, then you must go to the Southern part of Thailand to experiencing and doing island hopping in the archipelago in Phuket, diving and swimming with the plentiful fishes in Koh Tao, or party like an islander in a full moon party in Koh Phangan.

But if you prefer doing something more on the adventurous side, then heading to the Northern part is where you should go. You can choose to hike the highest mountain in Thailand, “Doi Inthanon”, check out the temples in Chiang Rai, or take some time to recharge and do some wellness activities in Pai.

Thailand’s weather can be classified between 3 seasons; summer, rainy, and winter season. The summer season starts from March to June and temperature during this season can go up to 40°C. July to October is when the rainy season starts and flash floods are a common scene you’ll see especially in its well-known capital, Bangkok. The months of November to February is when the winter season starts and is not the snowy winter that you would think of as the temperature ranges from 30 – 35°C and is the perfect season to visit Thailand.

The country’s main religion is Buddhism and accounts for 93.6% of the whole population in Thailand. Buddhism has greatly affected the lives of the Thai people as you can see them practicing this in their daily life. One practice that you will see is Thai people giving offerings to the monks every morning, or to their spirit houses. Thais would occasionally be feeding the street dogs to make merits.

Now that you know some basic information in Thailand, let’s get to know some do’s and don’ts that will be useful when you travel to Thailand. Here are some of them:


  • Do dress appropriately when visiting a temple.

  • Do treat monks with the utmost respect.

  • Do take off your shoes when entering temples, homes, or some shops.

  • Do show respect to the Thai Royal Family.


  • Don’t touch a Thai person’s head.

  • Don’t point with your feet.

  • Don’t take any Buddha images out of the country.

  • Don’t show too much PDA(Public Display of Affection). 

Another important thing to remember, you also need to learn to say “Sawadee-kaon your arrival in the “Land of Smiles!

Why Go To Thailand For Holidays?

1. Massage

The popular Thai massage generally comes modest. A full-body back rub can cost you a couple of dollars 60 minutes. massage parlours are ample in this nation yet ensure you get one that offers genuine and incredible back rubs. When you enter a massage parlours , you’ll likewise confront a great deal of Thai back rub decisions – from reflexology to foot and full-body rub.

2. Delicious Food

Thailand offers each vacationer scrumptious and solid food. Dinners in this nation for the most part incorporate five different flavors, for example, sweet, harsh, sharp, zesty, and pungent. This is an ideal mix that makes each feast extraordinary for your taste buds. Among the fixings that are normally utilized in planning Thai food are lime juice, shrimp glue, lemon grass, coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves, tamarind, coconut and palm sugars. Giving Thai dishes some punch are diverse stew peppers just as cilantro and clam sauce.

3. Cannel travels

Thailand has vast numbers of waterways running their way through the urban communities, including Bangkok, the nation’s capital. Bangkok is truth be told, a spot where you can discover an organization of streams. On the off chance that you need to have a brief look at the regular Thai life, at that point it’s acceptable to have a visit through these waterways which head down to Bangkok’s principle stream, the Chao Phraya.

In the event that a waterway voyage is excluded from your visit bundle, at that point you can simply employ a boat for yourself. A Thai method of investigating these channels is through long-tail boats. Attempt this in your Thailand get-aways and you sure will be flabbergasted by Thai’s old way of life in spite of the modernization in the city appropriate of Bangkok.

4. Social Attractions

In With regards to social attractions, Thailand has such a huge amount to bring to the table. It has a ton of spots, historical centers and sanctuaries that definite will bewilder you. You shouldn’t miss the Great Castle which was inherent 1782 to fill in as the lord’s home. For a very long time, this royal residence has additionally been the home of the Imperial Court and the public authority’s managerial seat.

5. Fantastic Sea Shores

The nation’s primary attractions are its wonderful sea shores. Phuket is the nation’s most renowned sea shore objections. It is Thailand’s biggest island with various significant global hotels. Since it’s well known, this island is packed with traveller and it isn’t generally wonderful to the individuals who are searching for a loosening up break. On the off chance that you need to avoid the group, you can attempt to go to Bon Island, which is a superb island heaven. With its warm water, delicate sand, and rich marine biodiversity, it has become an incredible site for swimming as well as for swimming.

These are the things that make Thailand get-aways ideal for practically a wide range of explorers. What’s far better is the quality of dollars contrasted with Thai baht, which implies your bucks can truly go far in this spot.

When is that the Best Time For Thailand Vacations?

Thailand has three seasons: rainy, winter, and summer. But the southern portion of the country doesn’t experience winter. the simplest time of the year to go to Thailand is from November to February because it’s during these times when the place has cooler weather but less rain. Try to avoid the rainy season which usually starts July and ends in October.

Since Thailand has various landscapes through out the country, it’s important that you simply know the seasons in several parts of the country.

In Thailand’s central and eastern provinces, hot summer begins mid February until April when the temperature can reach 40 degrees centigrade. Winter is from mid November through mid February. Despite this cold climate, tourists from Europe may find this a touch warm.

The month of May marks the start of the season during this a part of the country. Frequent rains and rainstorms that last for nearly half-hour are often experienced and this weather goes on until October. So if you’re getting to attend the famous beaches within the east like Rayong, Pattaya, and Koh Chang, it’s best to go to such place from the months of December to May.

Northern Thailand

Winters during this a part of the country is cooler compared to Central and Eastern provinces. Mountainous provinces can get really cold; sometimes temperature even goes right down to 0 degrees centigrade. Winters during this region begins in November and lasts until February. So this is often basically the simplest time to go to Northern Thailand. During these months, flowers are fully bloom and therefore the weather is dry yet cool. You’ll usually observe fog formations that make the already beautiful scenery even more breath taking. 

Southern Thailand

Climate in Southern Thailand is extremely much different because this portion only has two seasons – summer and rainy. during this region, you will find the Gulf of Thailand which lies within the east a part of the Thai peninsula while the Andaman Sea is situated within the west. those that want to go to the west a part of the peninsula like Phuket, Krabi, and Phang Nga should go there between mid November to April. This way, tourists can avoid monsoons that make island visits by boat not only difficult but dangerous also .

On the opposite hand, vacations within the eastern a part of the peninsula, which incorporates Hat Yai and Koh Samui, are best done from December to June. Its excellent news that the Gulf of Thailand are often visited any month of the year. But it’s still advisable to watch the weather situation during this area to avoid rain. If you would like to go to each side of the coast during your Thailand vacations, better attend this place between December and April.

General Tips For Your Stay In Thailand

Being a foreigner in a land that has cultures that are different from yours, it pays to remember some tips to make your vacation a bit more enjoyable. Here are our general tips you could apply anywhere you go in Thailand.

Insulting Thailand’s King is a crime. Never ever say anything against the Royal Family of Thailand and the country’s democracy. Leave these issues be. The Thais love and respect the members of the Royal Family, especially the King, and punishments are given to those who disrespect him. It is also rude to not respect the national anthem when it is being played. When you hear it, stand still and say nothing. Also, remember that it is rude to throw banknotes. These have the King’s image on them.

Learn the language. It is not easy to learn the language, much more to comprehend it fully. But arming yourself with some useful Thai phrases could help save you some headaches. If you are visiting places outside of Bangkok and the main cities, you could run out of luck quite easily. English is not as excellently spoken outside metropolis Thailand so you should get yourself a good English-Thai dictionary or a guide that will do the talking for you.

Use the baht. This is a no-brainer. Have your bills exchange for baht before you go traveling around Thailand. Shops here rarely accept delivers, if at all.

Check out the ‘No Smoking’ signs. Smoking is yet to see its acceptability in Thailand. Most Thais are not comfortable with smokers so they provide very few areas for these. It is not okay to smoke in indoor public places, in air-conditioned vehicles, in shopping malls, train stations, bus stations, museums, temples, shrines, palaces and other holy areas. Strict fines are imposed on smokers, foreigner or not. It is especially difficult to find cigarettes in shops as the laws in the country forbid sellers to display cigarettes in public.

Know when to buy alcohol. Thais also impose strict laws with alcohol sale. Even in international beach resorts like Pattaya, alcohol is not for sale all day. it is not available from 2 o’clock in the afternoon to 5 in the afternoon as well as during national and religious holidays.

Pay your respects on Thai’s sacred images. All images of the Buddha is sacred and should be therefore respected. Take note that taking pictures of any sacred images in Thailand is not permitted. It is considered highly inappropriate as well to use the feet to point to any sacred images.

Respect the monks. Monks are highly respected individuals in Thailand, and other Bhuddist societies for that matter. If you are a woman visiting Thailand, remember not to touch a monk or give anything to a monk. They are not allowed to accept anything from a woman’s hand.

Forget about shaking hands. Although shaking hands is considered the international way of greeting, things are a bit different among Thais. It is highly appreciated when foreigners greet Thais using the traditional ‘wai’ greeting.

When You Travel To Thailand

1. Find out if you’re fit to travel.

2. Ask your doctor if you need some boosters or vaccinations to protect you against some diseases.

3. Always have antibiotics on hand, the smallest cut or scratches could lead to dangerous infections.

Food & Drinks

1. Avoid food and drinks with ice from small food stalls.
Unless you are sure that the ice to be used is cylindrical and with central hole, which means they are manufactured to government standards.

2. Before eating on stalls, check first if the tables, eating utensils, and the hands of those preparing and handling the food are clean.
While eating is such a delight in this country, it is very crucial to check the cleanliness of the place and the person touching your food. If the place is clean and the crew or the vendor looks neat, then there’s a good chance that it is safer to eat in that stall or restaurant.

3. Don’t buy Thai food that has been left out in the sun for long hours.
This is particularly true when buying fish, fruits, and vegetables.

4. Don’t go for pre-cooked or pre-prepared foods.
Buy only from stalls that allow you to watch how your food is prepared. This way, you’ll know everything that’s added into it.

Personal Safety

1. Make sure that you know where to find help in case of emergencies happen and also have good translating apps on your phone and know how to use then.

2. Wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.
Motorcycle accidents can lead to serious injuries and even fatalities. So if you really want to try riding a motorcycle, don’t forget to wear a helmet.

3. Always use the in-room safe.
When you’re inside your room, double lock your door. If you’re leaving, don’t forget to lock up your wallet, electronic gadgets, and other valuable things.

4. Always know the fire exit nearest to your room.
It will just take a minute to go out of your room and find out where emergency exits are.

5. Always take a photo of your passport and visa when out, this will save you the headache if you lose it or if immigration police ask for your passport they normally accept photo, longs its clear and readable.

6. Careful of drive by bag snatching by thieves on motorcycles. 

7.  Beware of credit card fraud when using your card, never let it out of your sight when paying for purchases.

8.Drink spiking and assaults occur. Look out for your friends when out on the town, watch your drinks and be aware of your surroundings


Jet ski Scam
When you a hire out a jet ski and when its returned the owner will claim that it has been damaged. What they don’t tell you is the damage was already done before you took the jet ski for a ride. They then will demand money for its repair.
Gem Scam
A person will entice you to buy discounted gems at a jewellery store. They will say they can be sold for a higher price when you return home. The gems are fake and worthless.
Tuk Tuk Scam

These drivers will offer to take you around for the day at a very cheap price. But while giving you a tour of Thailand they will take you to many different stores where you will be pressured into buying things you don’t want or need. 

The Grand Palace Scam

The most common scam is ”the Grand Palace is closed”!  You grab a tuk tuk ,ask to see the place only to be told its closed today for some special ceremony. However, this usually isn’t the case. Instead, you’ll be offered the chance to go to a different location at a bargain price, which usually be fake gem shops.

Motor Bike Scam

When hiring motorcycles make sure you take pictures of any marks or scratches and never leave your ID or passport with the company, also be careful of motorcycle theft as the same company you rent from may steal the bike,forcing you to pay out for a new bike

The Don’ts of Taking a Vacation in Thailand

Thailand is a great country. The people are warm and are always smiling. The city of Bangkok and other metropolises are enjoyable to visit, but their are many traps to be carful of.

Don’t fall for the tuk tuks. There are probably thousands of them in Bangkok so it is really hard for foreigners to resist what they offer. Thing is, while not all tuk tuks are out there to get you, most of them are. Beware, you are warned. Don’t take a tuk tuk if you can help it. They could always give you that displeasing experience

Don’t ride a taxi if it’s not metered. No matter how convincing the taxi driver is, insist that he turns the meter on before you take a ride with him. This will keep you sane. Some taxi drivers, like the tuk tuks, are out there to get your money and not give you the right service. If the driver doesn’t show you the meter, leave and call another one. Taxis are possibly among the cheapest modes of transportation in Bangkok, but when they give you their inflated rates, they are the easiest way to make you feel cheated by the locals.

Don’t talk to con artists and scammers. Use common sense. If you are in your country and someone approaches you to give you some form of help, what would you do? What makes it any different in Thailand? Thailand is generally a safe country. Bangkok is too. But there are always those opportunists who would scam you because you don’t look like you’re from around the area. So beware.

Don’t lose your temper with traffic jams. Well, there really is no point in losing your temper while stuck in traffic, especially in Bangkok. Traffic jams are a daily occurrence in the city and other populated cities.

Save On Your Thai Vacation

1. Travel during low or off peak season

Exploring Thailand during off-peak seasons can give you up to 25% savings in your accommodation budget. You also have a big chance of getting low or discounted airfare and best tour packages. You don’t have to worry about your vacation being spoiled by the rain because the weather in this country is very reasonable in most times of the year.

2. Choose long hauls from one point to another by riding a bus or a train rather than a plane

From Bangkok, you can reach some tourist spots by travelling on a bus or a train. This will sure trim down your budget because these means of transportation really come cheap.

3. Dine in cheap restaurants

In Thailand, the cheaper the food is, the better. Surprising, isn’t it? This is because expensive restaurants in this country usually offer Western food that doesn’t have great taste. So better yet look for small, cheap, and clean family restaurant that can provide you with tasty meals.

4. Explore The Night Life

One way to complete your vacation is to have a shot of Thailand’s nightlife and entertainment. There are lots of inexpensive Thai restaurants with live bands and cheap beer and food. During winter, outdoor beer gardens are common. Despite their modern movie theatres, watching movies in Thailand is a lot cheaper. If you don’t want to sit around, you can just choose to walk around the city and take photos of the night market.

5. Street Vendor Food

Street food in Thailand is inexpensive it brings together various dishes of ready to eat meals, fruits and drinks. Sampling Thai street food is a popular activity for visitors. The average cost of a Thai Street food 30- 100 baht, The average cost of dessert Average cost of juices-smoothies around 15 – 30 baht. If your not sure what the dish is “ask” most food venders are very safe to eat from.

Don’t Eat or Drink These in Thailand

Yum Khai Maeng Da (horse shoe crab)

This salad uses horseshoe crab, an ancient creature that has links to spiders and scorpions. The only edible part of the crab is its eggs, or roe. Some salads mix just the eggs with strips of unripe mango and seasonings; this dish is generally fine to eat and is said by many to be delicious. Problems may arise when the salad contains the actual body of the creature, with the roe served inside the shell. Although there is no flesh to eat, part of the Asian horseshoe crab contains toxic substances, which can be lethal if the crab is not prepared properly and the toxin is ingested. In the past, there was a large poisoning case in Thailand, caused by consumption of horseshoe crab. Many people fell seriously ill and some died.

Larb dib (raw-meat salad)

Larb dib is yet another raw-meat salad from Thailand’s northeast. It can be made from raw beef or pork, and is usually flavoured with mint and other seasonings, it can contain parasites and or bacteria. The key takeaway point: don’t eat raw meat in Thailand.

Larb leuat neua (raw beef & uncooked blood)

Another delicacy from Isan, itss made from raw beef with a liberal helping of uncooked blood. The minced meat is mixed with mint and spring onion and usually served with sticky rice. It’s a popular bar snack.

Koi Pla (raw fish, live red ants)

Koi pla eaten in north-east Thailand is made from raw fish, live red ants, herbs and lime juice. Koi pla is eaten soon after it is prepared, without a long period of soaking in acid juice.The fish can contain parasites that cause cancer of the bile duct.

Luu Moo (raw pigs blood)

This appears to be a tasty looking chili or tomato style soup.The deep red color comes from the main ingredient. Not tomato. Not chili. It’s raw pig’s blood. The uncooked blood is mixed with spices which is then poured over noodles. Locals deem it to be a delicacy but for Westerners the likelihood is a bacterial infection of some kind or worse. Uncooked blood can carry all kinds of disease. Don’t take the risk.

Tap Water

visitors should avoid drinking the tap water in Thailand. The water may be potable at source. But after it has travelled through pipes and a system that is often poorly maintained, by the time it reaches your tap it could be filled with microbes and other bacteria that can make you ill. Stick to bottled water, its very cheap and plentiful everywhere.