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Motorbike Accident Aftermath – Asok, Bangkok

Unedited Footage. 18 December 2014. I witnessed the aftermath of what appeared to be a motorbike accident. 2 foreigners were injured. The girl was severely due to her constant shrieking and screaming. The guy at the start was clearly shell shocked.

Regarding the Thai police and the general crash scene how do you think the it was managed? Please leave a comment.

Should the traffic should have been 100% stopped to allow effective treatment to the victims and to investigate the crash scene? Should there have been the need for motorbike taxi men to help the police?

You can even see the passing traffic nearly run over the outstretched feet of the girl towards the end of the video.

I did not gain any insight into the cause of the crash, or who was at fault other than observing debris lying in the road in the last clip.

Hopefully everyone made a full recovery.

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