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PICKPOCKET HIDDEN CAMERA | Khaosan Road Bangkok Thailand Nightlife

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In this Thailand travel vlog I test if it really is that easy to get pickpocketed while travelling. Armed with a hidden camera and a baited wallet, do you think I can catfish a pickpocket, and catch them red handed? I walked along Khaosan road for hours. Here’s what I caught on camera.

Bangkok Thailand is backpacking paradise with so many things to do.
While definitely not off the beaten path, Bangkok nightlife, thai food, temples, and thai culture, attract tourists from all over the world.

Thailand is called the land of smiles, but due to all the tourists that flock there, it’s also the land of scams. Khao San Road is the Backpacker area. It’s a walking street and it’s crazy. Scorpions on sticks, laughing gas, ping pong shows, and a large amount of thai street food. It’s an easy area to potentially find scams and trouble.

Listen, the last thing I want to do is to scare anyone away from travelling. The point of this series it to see if it is really that easy to get pickpocketed abroad.

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