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Slo-mo angle of Michael Chandler knocking out Tony Ferguson is bonkers

Michael Chandler delivered the highlight of UFC 274 with a devastating knockout of Tony Ferguson but the slo-mo angle is even crazier.

Even after Charles Oliveira missed weight and was subsequently stripped of his title ahead of UFC 274, the hype around the PPV card was still at a fever pitch. And a big reason for that was the depth of the card, particularly with a main card bout between two lightweight challengers, Michael Chandler and Tony Ferguson.

That fight lived up to the billing as an absolute brawl. Ferguson tagged Chandler up in the first round but, early in the second five-minute period, Chandler found his window and delivered a devastating front kick for one of the craziest knockouts you’ll ever see.

And it only gets even crazier when you slow it down.

Michael Chandler KO of Tony Ferguson even crazier in slo-mo view

The slo-mo angle of the knockout truly shows how brutal the knockout blow was from Chandler to Ferguson.

From the power that Chandler gets behind it when he sees his window to the way that Ferguson’s head, face and neck move upon impact to the ferocity that Ferguson hit the ground with after going out cold, that view of the knockout puts it all into perspective.

MMA fans were expecting fireworks with two of the most exciting fighters on the planet going at it. Chandler delivered the goods with this KO, one that will go down surely as one of the best in UFC history.

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