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Thai cooking trip with Pro Language

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Lanna Cuisine is Fun, taking a day Lanna (Northern Thai) cooking course is one of the coolest things to do in Chiang Mai. You’ll have a hands-on traditional activity that you’ll remember forever. Plus you get to eat at the end!

Discover the secrets of Lanna cuisine with a morning cooking class with Pro language. Pick up fresh ingredients and then settle in a leafy garden kitchen, where you learn how to chop vegetables, grind herbs, and stir-fry like a true Thai chef. Cook your 4 classic dishes like:

Sai ua (Northern sausage),
Hungla curry with sticky rice(Northern Thai pork bellies curry),
Khao soy kai (Northern Thai Chicken Curry Noodles),
Sticky rice with mango

Then sit down with fellow students to feast on your delicious creations. Cooking Lanna food can be easy and fun….

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