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Thailand Beach House Tour – FAMILY VACATION in Rayong, Thailand!


After returning home to Thailand from traveling in Indonesia, my wife and her sisters planned a family vacation to Rayong (about a 3 hour drive to Bangkok) on the beach.

We rented a family beach house, right along the ocean. It was a nice property, sort of reminded me of a camp like setting, and the house included nice places to sit and private individual rooms. What I liked is that it was quiet and peaceful and you could do all your own cooking.

The property is called Baan Kaiwan (บ้านไกวัล although I saw on Google they sometimes spell is Baan Kai Val).

Price – 9,000 THB ($274.91) per night – I thought it was a little expensive for what you get – but I guess you pay to be right by the beach, and I think we might have gotten a higher rate because we were there on the weekend on a holiday.

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