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¬†Travel Insurance “Covermore”

Travel Demand is Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels and What it Means To You This Summer - Travel Off PathIf you are planning a trip, you might be wondering why choose Cover-More travel insurance. After all, who wants to go on holiday and be left with no travel insurance? Cover-More understands this need and provides emergency help around the clock. They even offer medical assistance and translators, and you’ll never be alone! You can even include children under 21 in your policy, and you’ll be covered up to $25,000 for luggage, plus up to $10,000 for rental car insurance excess.

Another reason to pick Cover-More travel insurance is the fact that you can cancel your policy within 15 days of purchase. And if you find that your trip is not ideal, you can always claim a partial refund, which is possible if your trip is canceled after 21 days. Another great feature of Cover-More travel insurance is that it covers dozens of pre-existing conditions. If you have a pre-existing condition, you might need to look for travel insurance with higher limits.

Another reason to buy Cover-More travel insurance is the fact that they cover motorcycle accidents. Unless you’re traveling alone, this insurance will cover you if you and your passengers are wearing helmets, or if you’re traveling with someone who has a valid license. And if you do get into an accident while on your motorcycle, you’ll be covered for reasonable funeral costs or cremation costs. As you can see, Cover-More is the best way to protect your travel investment.You can also earn Velocity Points on your travel insurance purchases with Velocity Frequent Flyer. For every $1 you spend with Cover-More, you can earn 3 Velocity Point

Money Transfers

Why Use Wise Online Money Transfers?

why use wise online money transfers

If you are looking to send or receive money from another country, you should choose Wise. It offers a wide range of services, including international money transfers and the ability to transfer funds in over 38 currencies. Wise also integrates seamlessly into the N26 app, so you won’t have to navigate through an external website or click a URL. Once you have created an account, you can proceed to make your money transfer.

Wise uses a mid-market rate to calculate your exchange rate. This rate is updated real-time when the trading market is open. You can even lock in exchange rates with Wise. This means you will be guaranteed a certain exchange rate, usually 24 or 48 hours. Locking in your exchange rate will reduce your costs if exchange rates fluctuate. The Wise calculator will allow you to easily compare rates and fees before completing your transfer.

One of the main benefits of Wise is its simplicity. It offers transparent pricing and a mobile app. Its simplicity makes it suitable for everyone, and its cost is relatively low. Wise is a great option for anyone who wants to make international transfers in a hurry. There are many reasons to use Wise, but they are the most popular and least expensive. With Wise, you can easily send or receive money online, and get it a very short time, when i transfer the average time is under 20 seconds but could vary for different parts of the word.

Besides being competitive, Wise also offers low fees. Traditionally, sending money overseas was a costly logistical nightmare. These days, however, online money transfer services make it easy and affordable for people to send money overseas. With lower fees and a streamlined process, they are gaining popularity and providing an alternative to traditional financial institutions. This is a great alternative for anyone who wants to send money online. It’s time to switch to Wise!

How to Use Wise As a Debit Card

Use wise as a debit card

If you’re planning on making international purchases, you may be wondering how to use Wise as a debit card. Wise is an alternative to credit cards, as it charges lower fees and does not take advantage of dodgy exchange rates. It charges a small fixed fee, plus a percentage of the transaction amount. Wise charges a fee based on the method of payment and currency chosen. Wise accepts credit and debit card payments, and for some currencies, they offer SWIFT payment. Wise payments are usually processed within a day, making them significantly faster than most banks. And, you can track the status of your payments via email notifications.

Wise’s debit card is free to hold and use for domestic spending, but it does charge a very small fee when you transfer money to another account. The Wise app allows you to set default limits and turn off certain payment types. It is available in a variety of languages and currencies, which may be a plus for those who travel. However, currency conversion fees vary depending on where you order your card. It is important to note that the Wise app has currency converters to help you convert currencies.

In addition to its debit card, Wise offers a multi-currency account with a cross-border Visa debit card. This account works alongside traditional money transfer services to ensure that you receive the best exchange rates. The Wise multi-currency account has low fees and exchange rates, making it an excellent option for frequent travelers. Wise can help you send and receive money from many different countries around the world.

Just a Tip, when doing money withdrawals from ATMs don’t allow the ATM to do the currency converter fee, push no and let wise do the exchange at the lower cost

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Vaccinations Recommended to Visit Thailand


While most travelers are not concerned about the risks of contracting a disease while in Thailand, there are several that should be considered before you leave. The following article will discuss the different vaccinations you need and recommend to visit Thailand. The vaccines include rabies, Hepatitis A and Yellow fever. The CDC recommends typhoid vaccination for most travelers, especially for those who are staying with relatives or visiting rural or smaller cities.

Vaccinations against rabies

The primary way to contract rabies is through contact with an infected animal, such as a dog or a cat. Rabies is spread through the saliva of an infected animal, so any contact with an infected animal can result in infection. The disease’s symptoms are typically fatal. Travelers who frequently handle animals should receive rabies vaccines, as well as people who work with animals.

Yellow fever

While Thailand is not a high-risk destination for yellow fever, you should consider getting vaccinated. Although Thailand has no natural risk of yellow fever, you might still be required to get a vaccination certificate if you come from a country that does. If you are planning to transit through an airport in a risky country, you should get vaccinated before you travel. Your doctor can recommend other vaccinations to protect you from other diseases, as well. Make sure to keep your vaccination records up-to-date.

Hepatitis A

Aside from hepatitis A vaccinations, many travelers to Thailand also get the cholera vaccine. This disease is characterized by diarrhea and can be fatal. The vaccine is given orally and is recommended for people who will spend a long time in areas without proper sanitation. However, it is not a substitute for good personal hygiene and reasonable precautions around food. Therefore, vaccinations for Thailand are important for all travelers.


Malaria is a risk for travellers to Thailand, even though it is not a widespread disease. Malaria is mainly a concern in rural areas and not in popular tourist resorts. Vaccinations are mainly recommended for those planning to stay longer in the country or go on activities that may expose them to mosquito bites. Those planning to do outdoor activities or visit rural areas should also consider getting vaccinated against Japanese encephalitis.


While Thailand is a fantastic destination for a vacation, it is wise to take precautions against common diseases that may be present in the country. To protect yourself against common diseases, you should follow the childhood immunization schedule and obtain all recommended vaccinations before travelling. While not necessary, typhoid vaccinations should be considered before traveling to Thailand, particularly if you are visiting relatives or friends living in the country.


In addition to the routine travel vaccines, people who plan to visit Thailand must be fully COVID-19-vaccinated. The disease is a serious health concern in Thailand and full vaccination is recommended before travel. Infants aged 6-11 months should receive one dose of MMR vaccination before travel, which does not count as the first of the childhood series. People aged 12 and up should receive two doses of MMR vaccine, one at least 28 days apart.