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Travel to Thailand from Australia

Travel to Thailand from Australia
With the situation that the whole world is experiencing, it is no surprise that countries from all over the world had set boundaries from each other to protect their own and be safe from the rest.  Even if that means banning travels to avoid locals from contracting the virus.

If you are an Australian citizen and are planning to travel to Thailand, this is the right place to know the important things to consider before traveling.

Australia, Visa Exempted Country

From Thailand’s point of view, Australian citizens are allowed to enter the Kingdom of Thailand even without a visa for Australia is one of the countries that are included in the Visa Exemption list. Though given the ability to stay in Thailand without a visa, it is only limited to a maximum of 30 days only and is only for tourism purposes. Other than that purpose, one might need a visa.

Australia is also included in the list that is allowed to enter and stay in Thailand through the Sandbox program, which allows travelers to stay without being confined in an ASQ facility and is allowed to roam on an island. Sandbox programs include the Phuket Sandbox and Samui Sandbox.

Thailand, included in Overseas Travel Ban

As Thailand insists on Australian citizens being allowed to enter Thailand with visa exemption, on the other hand, the government of Australia will not allow such.

Travel from Australia to other countries is prohibited. One cannot leave Australia unless one obtains a Department of Home Affairs (DHA) exemption or is traveling to a country that isn’t subject to the prohibition.

Destinations Exempted from Travel Ban

According to the current information, the only destination that is exempted from Australia’s travel ban is New Zealand.

Yes, New Zealand is the only destination that is exempted from the travel ban in Australia but, what can an Australian traveler do if New Zealand is not their travel destination and is still want to proceed to travel to Thailand?

Australian International Travel Exemptions

As mentioned earlier, Australia has imposed a travel ban. If one is an Australian citizen or a resident in Australia, one cannot leave Australia unless one applies for a travel exemption and is granted an exemption. To be granted the exemption and be able to travel from Australia to Thailand, an Australian citizen must meet one of these reasons to travel:

  • An Australian traveler’s travel is in the national interest.
  • An Australian traveler is traveling on compelling or compassionate grounds.
  • An Australian traveler is ordinarily resident in a country other than Australia.
  • An Australian traveler’s travel is for business purposes or for the benefit of an employer.
  • An Australian traveler is part of the response to the COVID-19 outbreak, including the provision of aid.
  • An Australian traveler is traveling outside Australia for a compelling reason for three months or longer.
  • An Australian traveler is traveling to receive urgent medical treatment that is not available in Australia

Proof to be Granted for Travel Exemption

If an Australian traveler has reasons that are mentioned above to travel to Thailand, one will need proof to be granted for the travel exemption. 

The following listed below are the proof to be provided that one needs to have for travel exemption:

  • Passport/s
  • Birth certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Proof of relationship 
  • Evidence to show when you wish to return to Australia
  • Proof of current valid visa, including in Australia and/or overseas
  • Letter from the employer, or other evidence that you are traveling for a business reason
  • Letter from a doctor or hospital about any medical treatment/condition with statements on why travel is necessary
  • Proof that you are moving to another country on a long-term basis such as leases, job offers, and evidence your goods are being transported
  • Any other proof you may have to support your claims

Note that travel exemptions are to be filed at least 2 weeks before the scheduled travel. But if one is dealing with a life or death situation, one can request for prioritization of application even in under 2 weeks.

Traveling to Thailand Entry Requirements

In an Australian citizen’s case, it takes double effort to travel from their country of origin to other destinations, such as Thailand.

If one is done gathering the needed documents in order to travel from Australia, one must also take the responsibility to gather and prepare the needed documents in order to travel and enter Thailand. Listed below are the following requirements for Australian citizens to enter Thailand:

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Things to Consider Before Traveling to Thailand

Before proceeding to travel to Thailand, here are some of the things that might need to consider:

  • Flights may be tough to come by, expect and prepare for travel delays.
  • Services from Australian embassies and consulates may be limited due to strict restrictions imposed. 
  • Even if one is granted travel exemption, one still needs to go through restrictions upon getting back to one’s country of origin, Australia, this includes needed quarantine upon coming home.

Flying to Thailand

Expect that flights from Australia to Thailand are difficult to find during this situation. However, that does not mean that there are no available flights.

Listed above are just some of the airlines operating or having flights from Australia to Thailand.

Royal Thai Embassy, Canberra

The Royal Thai Embassy in Australia is located at 111 Empire Circuit, Yarralumla, A.C.T. 2600, Canberra, Australia. There are also consulates that are located in Melbourne and West Perth. For assistance do not hesitate to contact the Royal Thai Embassy near your location or just email your questions through or contact them at +61 2 6206 0100.

For visa applications, visit the Royal Thai Embassy, Canberra website. Do not forget to set an appointment when applying for a visa.

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