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Travel to Thailand from Switzerland

Travel to Thailand from Switzerland

For the past years/months, people have been continuing their social networks virtually, continuing to connect by being online. Now that countries are starting to slowly open up and ease their restrictions, it would be a great opportunity to connect, not online but in reality, again.

Thailand has just reopened its international border with ease of travel restrictions. Switzerland is among those that are on the list of “low-risk” countries categorized by the Thai government. Below are the steps on how to enter Thailand quarantine-free for Swiss citizens.

5 Steps to Enter Thailand

There are things that you have to know and do before you get to enter Thailand. You will have to make an effort for it but it will be worth it. So, to help you with that, here are the steps for you to be guided on what you should know and do to enter Thailand:

1. Apply for a Visa

Fortunately for Swiss citizens, you do not have to enter Thailand with a visa. Switzerland is included in the countries listed in the Visa Exemption Scheme by the Thai government. However, the visa exemption scheme will only let Swiss citizens stay in Thailand for 30 days.

If 30 days is not enough for you, it would be best to apply for a Thai visa. What are types of visas can you apply for in Thailand? Here are some of them:

  • Smart Visa 
  • Retirement Visa
  • Special Tourist Visa
  • Other Non-Immigrant Visa (for work, for a long stay, etc.)

There are numerous visas to choose from but it would be best if you choose the one appropriate for your purpose in Thailand. But, if you are planning to stay more than a year in Thailand, Thailand Elite Visa would be for you.

For Swiss applicants, please download the visa application form, print it, and fill it up with the necessary details. After that, set an appointment for you to submit your filled application and required documents at the visa section at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulates in Switzerland near you:

  • Royal Thai Embassy, Bern located at Kirchstrasse 56, 3097 Liebefeld bei Bern, Switzerland 
  • Royal Thai Consulate, General Basel located at Aeschenvorstadt 71, 4051 Basel, 5th floor (c/o Advokatur Ates & Sigirci)
  • Royal Thai Consulate, Geneve located at Rue Liotard 4, 1202 Genève

For the contact details, you could reach out to +41-31-970-3427 or email them at 

When done applying for a visa, and is already issued with one, you can start applying for entry in Thailand.

But before you take your next step, do you know that when foreigners, like Swiss citizens, are to stay in a secured area for 7 days (for people vaccinated with approved vaccines) or 10 days (if you are unvaccinated) in programs set by the Thai government?

There are 2 secured areas or programs that you can choose to stay in upon arrival.

Hotel Quarantine Program

If you choose to stay through the hotel quarantine program, you are to stay in your booked hotel room for 7 or 10 days. The hotel will provide you with your comfort, food, and other needs.

This program is available for both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers.

Sandbox Program

If you choose to stay through the Sandbox program, you will also stay in your booked hotel room but you are granted permission to go out to the hotel premises once you receive a negative PCR test result. You can do any activities you want to do as long as it is within the locations of the Sandbox program.

Available Sandbox programs:

Know that this program is only available for vaccinated travelers.

Please decide which program you prefer. If done, you can now proceed to the next step for further information.

2. Book your Flight, your Hotel, and Purchase your COVID-19 Insurance

In this step, you will need to do the following because you will need forms, papers, or receipts that will serve as proof to proceed to the 3rd step.

Book your Flight

Flights are available from Switzerland to Thailand. The following airlines listed are operating and have scheduled flights from Switzerland to Thailand:

Note: Travelers who will travel to Phuket, please make sure to book a flight without transit to Bangkok.

Book your Hotel

Which program did you prefer when you were asked to decide between the 2 programs introduced in step 1? Because the hotel that you are going to book depends on which program you chose.

ASQ Hotel
If you prefer to stay through the hotel quarantine program, you are required to book an accredited ASQ hotel. You are not allowed to go out until your required day of stay is completed. You can find ASQ hotels in Bangkok or Pattaya.

SHA+ Hotel
If you prefer to stay through the Sandbox program, you are required to book an accredited SHA+ hotel. You are allowed to go outside the premises of the hotel as long as it is within the location of your chosen Sandbox program.

Again, travelers from Switzerland are only allowed to travel to different Thailand tourism spots once their required days of stay are completed.

For easy booking, book ASQ/SHA+ hotels at Agoda.

Purchase your COVID-19 Insurance

Like many other countries, Thailand is fighting the COVID-19 current outbreak to protect public health, including travelers from Switzerland entering and staying in Thailand. To be able to do that, you need to purchase COVID-19 insurance.

In case the traveler from Switzerland gets infected with COVID-19 during their trip to Thailand or during their stay in Thailand, the COVID-19 insurance will be taking care of the cost or expenses relating to COVID-19 incidents. 

The COVID-19 insurance must have a minimum coverage of THB 1.75 million ($50,000) which will cover:

  • Medical expenses in hospitals including professionals, medications, and others.
  • Life insurance, in case of death-related incidents.
  • Unexpected expenses like missed flights, missing baggage, and others.

You can purchase the COVID Insurance on this link:

COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

3. Apply for Thailand Pass

To apply for a Thailand Pass QR code, you need the documents, papers, or receipts that were introduced in Steps 1 and 2. Listed below are the requirements.

  • Passport
  • Vaccination Certificate or Card
  • COVID-19 Insurance Certificate
  • Confirmed ASQ hotel booking or Confirmed SHA+ hotel booking (with pre-booked RT PCR test)
  • Flight Booking
  • Copy of Thai Visa (if required)

Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email with your Thailand Pass QR code.

4. Obtain You COVID-19 Test Result

After obtaining the Thailand Pass, travelers from Switzerland will next obtain a medical certificate of a COVID-19 RT-PCR test with a negative result. The medical certificate containing the negative COVID-19 result shall not be over 72 hours when shown to the staff before your departure.

5. Prepare your Documents

Once you have managed to get all of those documents needed to enter from Switzerland to Thailand. It will be best if you organize and prepare the documents that you have successfully gathered with all the other documents and things you need to bring.

To help you out, here are the things that you need to prepare:

  • Valid Thai Visa or Re-entry permit
  • Passport with at least 6 months validity
  • T8 Health Form
  • Declaration Form
  • Thailand Pass
  • COVID-19 Insurance Certificate
  • ASQ Hotel or SHA+ Hotel Confirmation Letter
  • Confirmed Travel Itinerary
  • Proof that you are vaccinated, should be vaccines that are approved by the World health organization or by the Thai Ministry of Health
  • Medical Certificate and COVID-19 result obtained not more than 72 hours before departure.
  • Install the ThailandPlus Application

COVID 19 Insurance:

COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

SHA+ Hotels in Phuket:

Book SHA Plus Hotel here

Thailand Pass Support by Siam Legal:

Thailand Pass Support

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