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Travel to Thailand from the Netherlands

Travel to Thailand from the Netherlands

Thailand has just opened its international borders to more countries and loosened its travel restrictions to countries classified as “low-risk”. Netherland is among the list of “low-risk” countries categorized by the Thai authorities.

If you are a Dutch citizen planning to visit Thailand to destress or maybe do a business trip, here are the steps that you should know to have a successful entry to Thailand.

5 Steps to Enter Thailand

Even though with easing travel restrictions, the Thai government is still strict to both Thai nationals and foreigners entering Thailand. So, please be guided with the documents required to obtain which are along with the steps provided below.

1. Apply for a Thai Visa

The Netherlands is a visa exempted country which means Dutch citizens are allowed to enter Thailand without a Thai visa. However, they are only given 30 days to stay in Thailand, exceeding 30 days through visa exemption is punishable by law in Thailand.

If ever you wanted to stay in Thailand for more than 30 days, it is required for you to apply for a Thai visa. Here are the types of Thai visas you can apply for:

  • Tourist Visa
  • Smart Visa
  • Special Tourist Visa
  • Non-Immigrant Visas (for retirement, education, for business, etc.)
  • Courtesy Visa
  • Thailand Elite Visa (a privilege multi-entry visa)

To apply for a visa, download this Thai visa application form, fill it in with the necessary information, create an appointment and submit the filled Thai visa application form and its visa requirements in person to the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate located in the Netherlands:

  • Royal Thai Embassy, Hague located at Laan Copes van Cattenburch 123, 2585 EZ, The Hague
  • Royal Thai Honorary Consulate-General, Amsterdam located at De Lairessestraat 127, 1075 HJ Amsterdam

For inquiry, you can contact the Royal Thai Embassy in Hague through (31-70) 3450766 or send an email to

After the issuance of your Thai visa or if you already have a Thai visa, you can now apply for entry in Thailand. 

Before you proceed to the next step, a Dutch traveler, like you, should know that upon entry in Thailand, you are required to stay in a secured area to make sure that you have not contracted the COVID-19 virus. 

There are 2 types of programs that the Thai government has given to travelers entering Thailand:

Hotel Quarantine Program

This program is available for both fully vaccinated travelers and unvaccinated travelers. 

Travelers are required to stay in a hotel room that they booked for a specific number of days. The number of days depending on their vaccination status:

  • If you are vaccinated, you are required to stay for 7 days.
  • If you are unvaccinated, you are required to stay for 10 days.
  • If you are unvaccinated and traveling by sea/land, you are required to stay for 14 days.

Travelers are not allowed to leave their hotel room if they have not completed their required number of days to stay in the secured area.

Sandbox Program

This program is available only for fully vaccinated travelers.

Travelers are required to stay in a hotel room yet they have the privilege to roam around outside the hotel premises within the Sandbox location.

Current Sandbox locations available:

Only after receiving a negative result from the 1st RT-PCR test they are allowed to roam around outside the hotel premises.

Which of the program do you think best fits you in your trip to Thailand?

2. Book a Flight, a Hotel, and Purchase COVID-19 Insurance

Please obtain tickets, certificates, documents that can be obtained in this part for it is essential to the next step.

Book a Flight

International flights are available from the Netherlands to Thailand. Here is the list of some airlines that are operating which have available flights from the Netherlands to Thailand:

Note: If you are traveling to Phuket please choose a flight with no transit flight to Bangkok. 

Book a Hotel

Have you decided on what program you will stay on upon arrival in Thailand? The types of hotels you are to book are the following:

ASQ Hotels
If you chose the hotel quarantine program, you are to book an accredited ASQ hotel. The hotel will provide for your needs during your whole period of stay at your own expense.

Most ASQ hotels can be found in Bangkok and Pattaya.

SHA+ Hotels
If you chose the Sandbox program, you are to book a SHA+ hotel. You are allowed to roam around outside the hotel premises as if you are quarantine-free, as long you are within the location of the Sandbox.

Need help booking your ASQ/SHA+ hotels, book at Agoda now.

Purchase COVID-19 Insurance

If you are a foreigner, you are required to purchase COVID-19 insurance with an insurance policy with THB 1.75 million ($50,000) which will cover:

  • Medical Costs (medications, professional care, etc.)
  • Life Insurance
  • Unexpected costs (missed flights, loss of baggage, etc.)

Note: Please make sure that the coverage of the COVID-19 insurance will cover your whole stay in Thailand.

For the best COVID-19 insurance, choose AXA Sawasdee Thailand. You can purchase the COVID Insurance on this link:

COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

3. Apply for Thailand Pass

To apply for Thailand Pass, head over to You will need the following documents. The processing time won’t take much time provided you have everything in order. It is best for you to apply 2 weeks ahead before your departure.

  • Copy of Thai Visa (if required)
  • Passport
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • COVID-19 Insurance Certificate
  • ASQ hotel or SHA+ hotel Booking Confirmation Letter
  • Flight Booking

You will receive an email with the Thailand Pass QR code if your application got approved.

4. Obtain COVID-19 Test Result

You will need to obtain a medical certificate that will prove that you are tested negative from COVID-19. The method shall be the RT-PCR method. And the result shall be issued within 72 hours before your scheduled departure.

5. Prepare all the Required Documents

On your travel to Thailand from the Netherlands, it would be best to prepare all the entry requirements for easy access of the documents to show staff before departure and upon arrival in Thailand.

Here is the list of requirements for you to prepare and organize:

  • T8 Health Form
  • Declaration Form
  • Thailand Pass
  • Install ThailandPlus Application
  • Valid Thai Visa or Re-entry permit
  • Valid Passport with at least 6 months validity
  • COVID-19 Insurance Certificate
  • Confirmation Letter from the ASQ Hotel or SHA+ Hotel
  • Confirmed Travel Itinerary
  • Medical Certificate and COVID-19 result obtained not more than 72 hours. 
  • Vaccine Certificate (vaccines should be approved by the World Health Organization or the Ministry of Public Health)

COVID 19 Insurance:

COVID Travel Insurance Thailand

SHA+ Hotels in Phuket:

Book SHA Plus Hotel here

Thailand Pass Support by Siam Legal:

Thailand Pass Support

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