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US CR1 & IR1 Marriage Visa: For Thai and Americans Couples | Baan Thai

How to prepare for the US spouse visa interview

If you know what to expect in the interview, your spouse can prepare properly and is more likely to pass. Here are three things to know ahead of time:

The mindset of the immigration officer

As you may know, immigration officers can have a serious, intimidating demeanor. This, however, has nothing to do with your spouse. The immigration officer’s goal isn’t to interrogate your spouse, but rather to verify that their feelings for you are genuine. Marriage visa fraud is incredibly common in the US, and the immigration officer is trying to identify potential culprits. Don’t take it personally. Your spouse has done nothing wrong and has no reason to feel rattled. 

How to answer the questions

Your spouse’s answers should be truthful, confident, and complete. That said, there’s no need to provide excessive information. Doing so could cause the immigration officer to probe deeper and ask for unnecessary clarification. The goal is for your relationship to be presented in the best possible light, so be concise and focus on the positive. 

What to do on interview day

Think of the marriage visa interview as a job interview. Your spouse should dress to impress. Avoid shorts, tee shirts, or any outfit that could communicate a lack of respect towards the process. An example of suitable attire is a long skirt and blouse for women, and pants and a collared shirt for men. Your spouse should bring all supporting documentation to the interview and arrive at the US Embassy 30 minutes before the interview. 

Cheat sheet: The most commonly asked interview questions

What if you and your spouse could know the interview questions beforehand? It would be like having a cheat sheet that could significantly improve your spouse’s chance of passing. That’s what’s included in our CR1 & IR1 Marriage Visa Interview Guide. 

You’ll get a list of the 64 most commonly asked questions in the CR1 & IR1 marriage visa interview. With these in hand, your spouse can walk into the interview confidently, prepared for nearly whatever the immigration officer may ask. 

Download your free interview guide 

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